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Graphic design is thinking made visual.


I like to explore it various techniques, from playing with riso prints to trying out cool layouts and illustrating. This skill come in handy in my UI/UX work, as they add an extra layer of uniqueness and creativity to my design projects. 


It's all about finding the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality in both worlds.

Chai Table Book

Coffee Table Book about Tea unveiling the journey of India's beloved tea - its origins, versatile uses, and emotional connections. A global perspective on how tea transcends borders, celebrating its aromatic legacy.


ETC: NIFT's Creative Hub – Where students could unite to display their handcrafted treasures, from photos to jewelry. Celebrating diverse creativity in style. Explore, inspire, and adore unique expressions.


Crafting cookie packaging designs and bringing life to a whimsical mascot. Illustrating captivating social media visuals to engage and delight. Sweetening the brand, one creative at a time.


Mashru Chronicles: Honoring Patan's vibrant fabric legacy, weaving history and artistry into a vivid documentation of remarkable craftsmanship.

See 'em all!


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